Save Our Buses

High quality public transport in the electorate and specifically the protection of our beloved bus routes is one of Marjorie's key areas of focus.

Over the last months, this Government has announced the privatisation of our Region 9, Eastern Suburbs buses, and more recently, it has been revealed that the Government plans to cut 16 local bus routes. Currently, the following bus routes are being cut: 302, 314, 317, 373, 376, 377, 393, 394, 395, 397, 399, L94. In addition to these cuts, 11 routes will be modified to force the community to use the Sydney South Eastern Light Rail, increasing the number of modes of transport and extending the journey time. Currently, the following bus routes are planned to be modified: 303, 307, 313, 316, 348, 370, 374, 377, 391, 392, 396 and the 400. This government has already reduced and cut services, including the M10, M50, 891, 893, 378 and 361 bus services, and these further cuts will be devastating to our community.

Marjorie is vehemently against the privatisation of our buses, and will oppose any cuts to our bus routes, any reduction in services and the removal of any bus stops.

She's committed to public buses because they take us where we need to go. They take us to work, to our schools, to the library, to the city, to our hospitals, and to our local businesses. Buses take cars off the road, and ease congestion on our streets, as well as reduce our carbon footprint. The greatest impact we can have on all of these factors, is by having the light rail and our buses working together, not replacing one type of service with another.

To read more about the cuts, you can read the original media coverage in the Sydney Morning Herald by clicking here. You can also access the leaked document below.


Stop Bus Privatisation

Under privatisation, the private provider must make a profit from somewhere: bus services cut, bus stops closed down, longer journey times, or later buses. Ultimately, this decision will cause more congestion in Sydney.

During the NSW State Election, the Premier of NSW Gladys Berejiklian promised there would be no more privatisation. But on 24 October 2019, the NSW Government announced all remaining Sydney bus services will be privatised. This is a broken promise to the electors of NSW.

This petition calls on the members of the Legislative Assembly to stop the bus privatisation and focus on better bus services.