25 September 2019

Dr MARJORIE O'NEILL (Coogee) — I rise today to inform the Parliament of the Waverley Community Living Program (WCLP), an incredible local Council initiative to help people with intellectual disabilities transition from living at home to living independently.

The program was set up in 1985 in response to local families needing help with accommodation and independent living support for their adult children with an intellectual disability. WCLP became a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider in 2017.

The Waverley Community Living program works with each participant and the important people in their lives to understand their unique abilities, skills, life experiences and goals. Our service and support are tailored to the needs and choices of each individual.

In addition to accommodation services, WCLP also provides practical skills development and training including budgeting and time management; Independent living skills such as cooking and domestic tasks and social and recreational activities including attendance and sporting matches, art galleries and concerts.

I would like to thank Waverley Council for their great work in building a more inclusive and supportive community.