01 August 2019


Sports Minister, John Sidoti MP, has refused to guarantee that the site of the now demolished Sydney Football Stadium will not be sold to developers.

During question time yesterday, the Minister awkwardly sidestepped a simple question posed by the by NSW Labor Shadow Minister for Sport, Lynda Voltz, who asked whether a new Football Stadium will be built on the Moore Park site and whether he was able to give an on-the-record guarantee that the demolition of the old Sydney Football Stadium was not part of a grand plan to privatise the land at Moore Park.

Despite multiple attempts by Ms Voltz to get an answer to her question, the Sports Minister refused to give that guarantee.

This questioning comes off the back of the Berejiklian Liberal Government sensationally pulling the plug on what it had previously claimed was Lend Lease’s contract to “construct” the stadium, plunging the project into grave doubt.

In what is proving to be a regular pattern for this government, they are refusing to rule out any unsolicited bids for a hotel mega -complex on the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust land, a result that would prove a travesty for the people of the Eastern suburbs and the sports fans of Sydney.

Jodi McKay, Leader of the Opposition said: “The Premier went to the election on a lie and told the people of NSW that they would get a new stadium in Moore Park but now that they have sacked the builder, all we have is a hole in the ground and no plan.

Lynda Voltz, Shadow Minister for Sport said: “The Sydney Light Rail is a year late and $1 billion over budget and the new stadium looks set to be light rail mark 2. The Premier can’t be trusted to deliver on time and on budget.’

Marjorie O’Neill, Member for Coogee said: “This Government tore down a perfectly good stadium and we are now left with a hole in the ground and no one to rebuild it.”

“The eastern suburbs have already been subjected to the disastrous light rail and unfortunately, it looks like we are in for another wild ride with this stadium blunder.”

“Our local schools are at capacity and the government is now trying to reduce cardiac services at Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick and the Royal Women’s. They need to get their priorities right”