05 June 2019


Member for Coogee, Marjorie O’Neill, has moved a motion in NSW Parliament highlighting the Berejiklian Government’s poor planning and mismanagement of the Sydney Light Rail.

On Monday, the Government was forced to hand over more than half a billion dollars to the company building the light rail to settle a long-running legal dispute.

The $576 million compensation payout to Acciona is an admission that the Government has botched the project.

In NSW Parliament today, Ms O’Neill gave notice of the following motion:

That this House:

1. Notes that the Premier said on 9 April 2019 that the $1.2 billion in claims made by the company building the Sydney Light Rail against the NSW Government for deceptive and misleading conduct were “completely unjustified” and that “We will not be held to ransom and we will not be forced to do anything that is not in the best interest of the taxpayer;”

2. Notes that despite the Premier’s statements, the Government has now provided the company with a further $576 million to settle its misleading and deceptive conduct, and

3. Condemns the Premier for once again using taxpayers to rescue her pet project from the poor planning and mismanagement she was responsible for, and which is still being felt by the local community.

Quote Attributable to Dr Marjorie O’Neill MP

“It's has been recently revealed that the light rail project will aim for a maximum travel time of 40 minutes, that means $3billion dollars will have been spent on a project that has actually extended commuter time”

“The payout of a further $576 million to Sydney Light Rail will cause the final costs for the light rail project to blow out to over $3 billion, almost double the original price tag for the project”

“We need to understand why this project has been so expensive, late and poorly managed and ensure that these same mistakes are never made again”

“As local MP I see what has happened because of the light rail and Liberal mismanagement - small businesses closing down, people losing their jobs, once thriving shopping centres now ghost towns - as local MP I’ll stand up for our local businesses and demand the State Liberals finish this project so we can all get on with our lives”