09 August 2019



During Education Week Dr Marjorie O’Neill the Member for Coogee use the opportunity to advocate for Randwick Boys and Randwick Girls. The badly needed upgrades of both Randwick Boys High School and Randwick Girls High School will not be completed this year as the government backflip on their pre-election promise.

During the 2019 State Election, the Liberal Government committed to major upgrades to both Randwick Boys and Randwick Girls High Schools. A well over due and welcomed announcement.

In the 2019/2020 Budget, the Government backflipped on this promise, significantly downgraded their commitment to only include minor upgrades. The change of terminology is crucial, as major works are in excess of $250,000, while minor are less than $250,000. By doing this, the Berejiklian government is failing to properly provide modern infrastructure and properly funded school for the people of Coogee.

More concerning is that Randwick Girls and Randwick Boys were included in the same line item of the 2019/2020 NSW State Budget. This means the minor works funding is now to be divided between the two schools, with each school only able to access to $125,000 for upgrades this financial year.

Making matters worse, the Liberal Government has taken no steps forward in addressing the capacity problem facing public high schools across the Eastern Suburbs. The discussion on the transformation of Randwick Boys into a co-educational facility is being kept under wraps too, with a recent freedom of information request made by the Member for Coogee denied by the Education Department.

When will this government take the lead on public education in the Eastern Suburbs? What better time than Education Week to step up to the plate and start supporting our public schools and their students!

Prue Carr, Shadow Minister for Education said: “This Government has clearly neglected their responsibility to meet the demand for more public schooling in the Eastern Suburbs.”

“They promise one thing before the election, but afterwards all we have is chaos and confusion.”

Dr O’Neill said: “Major upgrades to Randwick Girls High School ad Randwick Boys High School are well overdue. I have invited the Minister to come and tour the Schools with me and see it for herself”

“During the election the Government said ‘We could have it all’. If this is the case, where are our schools much needed commitment of Major Upgrades?”

“Everyone has a right to a decent education. It starts with ensuring our schools have decent learning facilities”