15 August 2019


The severe neglect of a number of public housing properties in the electorate of Coogee has raised questions about whether these properties are being neglected with the intention of sale.

The lack of investment into capital works raises red flags that the Berejiklian Government is not planning a future for these buildings or their tenants.

Since taking office, countless numbers of residents, particularly in the South Coogee area have contacted Dr O’Neill’s office with complaints about mould and maintenance issues which have been building up over the last several years. In particular, this looks to be a pattern of severe neglect across properties and buildings with a high land value.

Member for Coogee, Marjorie O’Neill said that the Berejiklian Government has the wrong priorities.

“The Government should be in the business of protecting the most vulnerable people in our community, not neglecting them for the sake of potential privatisation and development.”

This neglect includes the property of a single mother, whose son suffers constant nose bleeds caused directly by the mould and lack of ventilation. One resident was left without electricity for several months, all while her apartment had an extensive untreated mould issue. Another resident first logged their maintenance issue in 2015, and is still yet to have any work completed.

“Whether it’s cutting paediatric cardiac services from the Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick, or severely neglecting public housing properties in South Coogee, it’s clear that the Berejiklian Government would rather make a quick buck than keep vulnerable people healthy and safe,” said Dr O’Neill.

Shadow Minister for Housing and Homelessness Ryan Park who visited many local residents during his visit to Coogee said the neglect was widespread.
“This is a Government who has wasted billions of dollars on cost blowouts and the people who suffer are those who are living in dilapidated homes.

“It is appalling we have young families living in these conditions for years on end, despite numerous reports to LAHC of problems.”

“The Minister for Water, Property and Housing must address the maintenance backlog and implement sufficient systems to reduce the time it is taking for repairs on properties.”

“The government needs to start taking its responsibility as a landlord seriously.”