Coogee School Safety Survey Report


While our Eastern Suburbs community is an active one, being able to safely ensure young people, parents and carers can walk and ride to school is an integral part of ensuring the health and
well-being of everyone. Facilitating safe active transport to and from school means that exercise can be integrated into our everyday lives.

Increasing our use of active transport, isn’t just good for us, it is good for the environment. As we look to address climate change and decrease our carbon footprint, we know that it is fundamental that we look at alternative ways to move around and get where we need to go. We also know though that for people to increase their use of bikes and walking, safety is paramount.

You can download our Coogee School Safety Report by clicking here.

If you didn't get the chance to fill out the school safety survey before our report went out, that's OK! We're running the survey again for those who missed out the first time around so that you can still have your voice heard, and you can complete it below!