Stop the NSW Government Attack on Our Park Trusts


Centennial Park and Moore Park are one of Australia’s most important sites. Their importance reaches as far back as 60,000 years for the Gadigal people. In its 130th year, Centennial Park – the ‘People’s Park – was honoured with an Australian National Heritage Listing. Centennial Park is one of Australia’s preeminent heritage sites.

That is why Centennial Park and Moore Park are currently protected by NSW State law to have an independent trust in which the ownership of these parklands are invested. This prevents any government of the day selling land of the parklands without the consent of the parliament.

The NSW Minister for Planning has sacked the trusts and is handing over the management of the public parks into a super agency called “Greater Sydney Parklands.” This agency will have oversight of Centennial Park, Moore Park Trusts, Parramatta Park Trust, the Western Sydney Parklands Trust as well as the Callan Park Hospital site and Fernhill Estate in Mulgoa.

This is a direct attack on our heritage parklands, which will no longer be protected by their independent trusts, and will be put at greater risk of privatisation, commercialisation and reduction.

It is therefore critical that Minister Stokes commits to ensuring the independence of the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust, and commits to providing recurrent State funding for the parklands instead of setting up their privatisation.