Fair Funding for our Public Schools

Our NSW Public Schools are currently being underfunded by $600 millions per year, when compared to the original Gonski funding agreement.

This chronic underfunding has caused:

  • A growing dependence on P&Cs to fund basic needs and infrastructure upgrades at our public schools;
  • A completely unacceptable wait time of over 3 months for a student to see a counsellor;
  • A failure to properly invest in public school teachers, resulting in teacher shortages and declining results;
  • A lack of investment to ensure schools are receiving adequate funding for long overdue and essential upgrades; and
  • A growing reliance on demountable classrooms taking away precious playground space

That is why I have started a campaign, calling on the NSW Government to fully fund our local public schools in line with the original Gonski agreement.

You can sign up to the campaign below.